Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Euro, Gold, Litecoin




I'll give you the summary for those who really don't want to sign up for a steemit account yet (but you should, I think it's the future.)

Gold I talked about how the recent low looks to be holding up. 

On the Euro I'm talking about the next big short.  I think this month will be the final high but there is still some intramonth upside

Litecoin is almost looking like a good buying opportunity.

Bitcoin looks good for another leg up

We broke up out of a mini consolidation about 2 weeks ago, and this one looks about the same.  Maybe a little weaker.

I do believe however, that this is the last leg up before a medium crash!

I talk a little more about it on my steemit post

by the way, please do a steemit account!  You just have to verify a phone and an email.  You can potentially get paid even for commenting!  The longer you use the account the more power your account has, so joining earlier is better.  I think steemit is the future of blogging.