Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Views and comments

For the most part, I'm just doing this for myself.  I think it helps me focus on figuring things out.

Initially I started promoting it by linking here from elsewhere, but I mostly don't do that anymore because honest, I don't want too many people to know about it!

Having said that, I don't want to get rid of any of you and I appreciate comments. 

Maybe if they ever approve me for ad money, I'll pimp it more.

The 1500 minute moving average?

Actually it's the "50 day moving average" but on the 30 minute time scale.

I know I've posted this before, but I'm redoing it just to keep myself honest.

It is very rare for this pink dashed line to breech intraday. 

It can break, and in spectacular fashion, on high volatility days.
It can bounce off
It can breech slightly and then recover

So ultimately, I don't know how usable it is.  It might be most useful to predict a larger move at tomorrow's open, if it is close to the line and you think it's going to cross.  It is QUITE capable of crossing that line at the open.

So if it hugs this all day, I think it will breech it in a significant way tomorrow, but I don't know how to use it for the rest of this day.  If it hugs it all day then there won't be enough movement to justify a trade.

One way that polls are rigged

"Results are weighted to match demographic characteristics, such as race and gender, from the U.S. Census Current Population Survey, and are aligned to the 2012 presidential election outcome using self-reported votes in that election."

This poll gave Hillary a +1 over Trump.

What this means is, they take a poll.  Then they change it to match the party affiliations of 2012, which was won by democrats.  Republicans didn't show up as much, because Romney was horrific, and democrats turned out above average, because it was fashionable to vote for Obama, and liberals love to be fashionable.

Hillary doesn't have that enthusiasm, she gets minimal crowds (like Romney did) and screwed Bernie Supporters (like Romney did to Paul supporters)

If they were trying to be accurate, they'd have used a multiple election sample to "align" the poll results too, or just use the actual poll results. 

I do believe the polls are rigged even beyond this, i.e. take polls more from cities, or more on weekends, things that favor Clinton.  This is just the one they admit. 

Why are they rigging the polls?  Either to depress Trump support or maybe blame Putin for hacking it in hindsight.  Or, can they just dial up whatever result they want in the votes?  I don't think that is the case, if so they wouldn't be busing people around. 

I'm not going to pick one candidates supported platform over the other, but I will say Trump is not a hunchback, evil, murderous, establishment-owned stooge, and he's actually less scandalous sexually than Hillary, but don't expect coverage on that.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Wow, poll data retroactively changed 10-24-16

When I looked at this yesterday, there was one recent poll that had Trump up 1.  I don't remember the name.  I don't think it's been changed, it's been omitted, because I think I remember those other polls up there at the time. 

Laughable accounting of the deficit

The deficit is the amount of money we spent, but didn't have, for the country, for the year.  The debt is the total amount of money we owe, which, by definition, is the sum of all deficits.

Basically, the deficit is 1 year of debt.

OK, so the deficit is .59 Trillion.
The debt held by the public, is lower than the total debt, because some of it doesn't count.  They only borrowed it from social security, which has no hope of ever paying it back.

No if you check the treasury direct website:
Debt held by the public 10/1/16 was 13.06 trillion, and at the end of the fiscal year,
Debt held by the public 9-30-16 was 14.17 trillion. 

So the actual deficit is 1.11 trillion. 

Then if you look at the total debt outstanding, which is the number you usually hear about, you get 1.4 trillion and about 19.6 trillion outstanding debt.

Guess where stocks maxed today?

Should it be spelled maxed, or maxxed?  most consonants would double in this situation, but aparently not x.

That top blue line, which I believe is inpenetrable (on a clasing basis) resistance.  It's formed by the magic hidden dates I posted about earlier.  No false flag happened, but it was a market top. Additionally, "The Money Monster" had a hidden date for the 23rd, which was another market top.  This blue line connects both those dates! And the 8-15 all time high.

And, don't forget, it's OCTOBER!  However a market crash favors Trump I think, so maybe they will keep it up for Hillary? 

the most recent weekly timing array we have said last week was a turning point.  It closed above the previous week, meaning this week should close lower despite starting out higher.

I've had a lot of good trades and bad trades since sept 7.  The good ones are all bounces off this line. 

I'm also cautioning you to not pay any attention to the buy signal on evolution.  It's been too choppy of late for these signals to have meaning.  If you don't believe me, look at the signals the last few times the price hit this resistance line. 

Of note, we've had a number of consecutive lower highs, and the recent low was lower than the one before.

From the quarterly timing array, this quarter is a turning point, but I don't know what that means.  I think it will be a low, and a continuation of where we have been headed since the panic cycle last quarter.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Do you people believe the polls? with hillarious video

I personally thing Trump is getting at least 55% if they were honest.

Of course, I can be wrong, but I guarantee it's not wishful thinking.  That's an honest assessment of everything I can get my hands on.

It doesn't meant that will be the voting result, because like the polls, the election results will also be under attack.  Polls are easier to fake though.

Hillary isn't going to get the Obama enthusiasm high turnout, but Trump might.

This election is very similar to Romney Obama.

Romney screwed Ron Paul in the primary and when on to be the candidate that nobody really cared about.  He had nearly empty rallies.  Obama was the exciting (perceived) new/different kind of candidate.

This time we have Hillary screwing over Bernie (who, sadly, did better than Ron Paul) and having very little turnout at rallies, if her rallies are even real (most are green screened), and Trump is the legitimate different kind of candidate, and he's getting huge turnout at rallies.

The polls that are honest tell you in the fine print how they are rigging it to make Hillary poll better.

Here is what the election is really about:

Trump = team america
Hillary = Kim Jong Ill
Whining liberal criminal welfare thieves are the film actors guild.

So in conclusion, I don't agree with much of Trump's policies, but I really want to see some assholes getting fucked by a giant dick.  I'm also highly averse to getting covered in shit, as Hillary wants to legitimately start world war 3 by provoking Russia/Iran (and probably China) via Syria.