Friday, December 2, 2016

Dug up some old monthly arrays that are still covering the current period.

This is also a turning point week and quarter for the Dow (although the quarter doesn't end until Dec 31)

So a turning point in November, and a seemingly important one.  Unfortunately, given the action of the month, this could be referring to the high or the pre-election low.

With the weekly turning point I showed earlier, I think the timing is good to get in.  Trading the DIA was a miserable experience, so I'll be trading the SPX and hoping the same applies.

Grading the previous months, July was a major top / success.  The downtrend blew threw September (which isn't as big of a bar) until it got to the larger November bar.  November had both a high and a low (pre-election) so I guess that means we don't know where it goes next. 

Like the Dow, the gold Sept turning point is iffy.  July was a major top/hit, with sept being just a bump up that didn't last.  I suppose you could call it a turning point. Nov say a major crash so will that low hold until January?  That looks like it will be the biggest turning point of them all. 

If gold drops additionally until January, I'll look for a 900 something buying opportunity, because this might be a major bottom. 

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Emerging Markets EEM - My Pick of December!

The opinions in this blog are based off of the work of others, not myself. 
If you look at these, they are

almost all bearish in some way, with the exception of the SPX and TCMP, though the Dow is approaching a bearish turn (Monday?)

FTSE is Europe

But look at this list of others that are quite bearish

EEM might be a nice short to cover the batch. 

So what does EEM look like right now?  Note, I've put the alternate system on top of the compression system.

Also EEM is going to be easier to deal with due to higher volume.

So there is a definite compressed sell signal here.  I personally am waiting until tomorrow.  I don't know if that will be a mistake or not! 

This is also a sell on the old system but there's a limit to how many redundant screenshots I want to take.

I will make this my official "Pick of December".  I can't guarantee it will work, but I can't do any more to be right than what I've got right here.

My other pick of December is short DB, starting tomorrow.

My other other pick of December is short copper.  Also short FXE.

I will later evaluate my 4 picks of the month to probably humiliate myself.

I looked into EEM, it's got a lot of India and China in it.  Some Russia, Middle East, Korea, South Africa, Brazil.

12-1-16 Short INDA

This is from Martin Armstrong.  It costs 150 per year, though I'm currently on a free trial for a month. 

It's mostly bullish on the quarterly and yearly comments, but on the monthly it says

So this has huge potential. 

It's definitely a sell on the monthly evo chart, but a buy on the weekly, and mostly a buy on the daily. 

I think this is following many other markets in that there was a turning pt 2 weeks ago, and one this week, which will send it back down, but to clarify, the trade purely for that comment in the monthly section.  I'm just trying to rationalize some supporting evidence.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

NEXT WEEK starting 12-5-16

The Unusuable - Bo Polny has Monday as a good candidate for Black Monday, although he really says anytime between 12-5 and 12-30, with earlier in the range being more likely.  An old prophecy says the United States will collapse after Russia collapses and recovers, and then Fidel Castro will die.  I believe webbot is also onto some impending stock doom, I'm going to get caught up on that.

Now that that's out of the way...

Keep in mind this is a major weekly turning point on the Dow.  Panic Cycle for next week.  This could imply a very big move.  Also realize, the panic cycle could be a reversal in the upward direction, so if it starts the week higher, I won't panic. 

This week is also a Euro turning point, which appears that it will be a high.  If it's not a high then I will just not play this part of it.

I wish I had some data on gold.  I'm assuming it will be an up week, but without much to go on, so I'll probably stay away.

Don't forget DB, this is also a monthly turning point for DB, and if Stocks are going down, DB might go down harder.

I'm going to stay Short on JJC, because I believe it is actually post-head in a head and shoulders.

It looks like a lot of technology stocks are sells right now.  INTC would have been a fabulous one to enter yesterday.  Does anybody else think Evolution works best on tech stocks? 

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Assange dead?

I'm currently investigating.  It doesn't look good.  It might take me a long time to actually get it all together enough to put out the story with a timeline.

Opportunity for Friday

This is a dow Jones weekly chart.  I circled in blue the turning point weeks.  The one 2 weeks ago didn't happen, but it was just .1% away from closing negative.

This week is supposed to be a turning point, so if it finishes higher I will go short.  Bo Polny's stock market thing also agrees with this.

And for Fun

Monday, November 28, 2016

I really like AAPL Short right now

Look at this one:  We got a clear signal without missing any of the move. 

Also, it is maximally compressed. 

By the way, if you are actually trading, just pay the money for Mannarinos stuff.  You can make or lose thousands of dollars on good or bad trades with options, so why would you stress over 20 dollars?  It's $45 for both systems I think. 

Officially you should wait until it's obviously going to close below the cyan line as it's only 13 cents off at the moment.